Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Winner, Winner. Chicken Dinner! (or earrings, rather)

Kissingtoast! Come on down! 
(email me your address and I'll put these sparklies in the mail! ershyn@gmail.com) 

And if you didn't win, you should know I'm like 8 away from 600 now, so I'll be doing this again in a matter of days with some other piece of jewelry! 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Milestones and a Giveaway!

This past week kicked off a crazy busy, fun, fun, May.  Last weekend I participated in the 10th Annual Violet Crown Festival at Brentwood Park north of downtown and it was Hot!  97 degrees in the shade hot!  But I had shade, in my sweet new tent.  Which brings me to my first milestone.  Unrepeatables caused its first temper tantrum by someone other than myself!  For Realz! A little girl had to be dragged out of the tent by her overheated mommas as she clutched the leg of the tent and screamed for a ring.  I knew how she felt.

Bigger, better, milestone?  My Facebook Page just hit 500 fans!  I'm doing a giveaway, and at the same time, revitalizing a blog that I haven't used for a year!  Eesh!  That's so bad!

Here's what you've got to do.  "Like" my facebook page and follow my blog, and then comment below that you've done that and I'll enter your name into my nifty mason jar and on May the 21st I'll draw a winner.  What do you get?  Oh-ho!  TWO pairs of sparkly, neon, awesome in stud earring form.

Already "Like" Unrepeatables?  Yes, of course you can still enter!  Just post below and I'll add you, too!

Yeah, they will see you coming from a mile, and when you get there, they'll want your earrings!